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Terms of Service - Doxyra

Terms of Service

Clients utilizing our services are required to adhere to the following terms:

1. Conditions

  • The customer must refrain from exchanging or requesting links and employing spamming techniques that could adversely impact a website's search engine ranking.
  • No usage of doorway pages, redirects, duplicate content, or multiple websites owned by the client is allowed.
  • Monthly payments are collected and are non-refundable; clients are expected to settle invoices within one week of preparation.
  • Any guarantee provided becomes void if the client makes changes to an optimized page created by us or fails to implement recommended amendments.
  • We strictly uphold ethical SEO policies and reserve the right to void any guarantee if unethical SEO practices are detected on the client's part.
  • Doxyra reserves the right to use client websites, materials, wireframes, web designs, and layouts for marketing and advertising purposes, including promotional campaigns, case studies, portfolios, or links on the website, unless the client explicitly requests otherwise.

2. Access to the Client's Website
Clients must adhere to the following guidelines to receive our SEO services:

  • Provide access to traffic statistics for tracking and analytical purposes.
  • Consent to necessary changes for optimization and direct communication with our staff.
  • Grant access to the backend/administrative part of the site for examination of structure and content.
  • If a client's website lacks textual content, they must supply the necessary text in electronic format for page optimization.
  • Grant permission to use customer material, pamphlets, website images, trademarks, logos, and photos for SEO purposes as deemed necessary by Doxyra.
  • Provide an email address for clients to request links.

3. Service Interruption
Doxyra assumes no responsibility for service interruptions, data loss, file inaccessibility, client misuse of devices, communication device malfunctions, externally managed devices, or any other service issues beyond our control.

4. Fees Charged by Third Parties
Clients are individually responsible for fees imposed by search engines, including pay-per-inclusion rates in directories such as Yahoo, MSN, and others.

5. Hosting
Clients must understand that hosting on a free web server using domain forwarding is not permitted. Doxyra may advise clients to switch hosting providers if the current hosting IP address is for optimization purposes or is in a problematic neighborhood.

6. Confidentiality:
Doxyra is bound by confidentiality and will not disclose client information without prior agreement unless required to comply with legal processes such as judicial proceedings, subpoenas, or court orders.

For any inquiries regarding customer information, please contact us here.